• Take your selected aromatherapy shower tablet out of the wrapper

  • Place tablet on shower floor where some water will splash on it

  • Make sure tablet is not submerged or under direct stream of water

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Our Products

Our senses are a gateway to presence, which is why we decided to begin our journey with aromatherapy in an intimate space, this is our gentle reminder to indulge in your moment.

Indulge In Your Moment

We hope to inspire you to indulge in your moment, to welcome the onsen experience of cleanse and connection with the symbolic blooming of each new moment in your daily self care rituals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage the cultivation of mindfulness in everyday life. We are committed to promoting the pursuit of well-being and self-care by elevating moments of introspection and inspiring individuals to embrace and uplift routine.

Our Story

Our brand emerged from a personal journey of health where traditional methods failed to provide relief. Frustrated and desperate, our founder rediscovered the power of meditation.

Developing this daily practice
had a transformative impact on her life;

She realized the importance of taking a step back from the fast-paced world and embracing a moment with yourself to reset your mindset and live every day with presence and gratitude.

Inspired by her experience and lessons of meditation, Onsen & Bloom was born with the intention of bringing that tranquility into people's homes by transforming daily routines into meaningful rituals, akin to meditation.

Onsen & Bloom designs gentle reminders to pause, breathe, and be present. Through product, we encourage individuals to prioritize self-care, infusing moments of indulgence into their lives.

By embracing these small moments, individuals can find balance, heal, and unlock their best selves.

Begin Your Rituals
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